AirPatrol WiFi -
Smart AC Control

A Smart Air Conditioner Controller that helps lower your energy use, save money and control from anywhere. 

AirPatrol WiFi AC Controller

AirPatrol WiFi -
Smart AC Control

Using a smart Heat Pump and AC Controller can reduce energy consumption up to 25%. This means AirPatrol can pay for itself in 18 months.

Not only does it save you money, it makes life more comfortable. Use AirPatrol smartphone application to control your air conditioner from anywhere.


AirPatrol Money Back Guarantee

In case you are not happy with your AirPatrol we will give you money back.
Just contact support ( for return number and send the controller back to AirPatrol in 30 days to get full refund.
Applies to all AirPatrol web orders.

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Control Your AC From Anywhere

Never again arrive to a home that's too hot or too cold. Adjust the room temperature to perfection prior to arrival or set up automatic time cues.

AirPatrol WiFi AC Controller

Save Money With A Smart Air Conditioner

Cool or heat your house only for the period when you're
at home and turn it off when no one is around.

AirPatrol, smart heat pump, smart AC, AirPatrol home wifi, GSM, iPhone, Android, App

Stay informed

With AirPatrol, it's easy to check the room temperature and humidity from anywhere. It even let's you know when temperature or humidity drops too low or rises too high.

AirPatrol, smart heat pump, smart AC, AirPatrol home wifi, GSM, iPhone, Android, App

Easy to set up

Installation takes just a few minutes and it works with all major heat pumps, air conditioners and smartphones.


How it Makes Your AC Smart

AirPatrol WiFi uses wireless channels for communication. Strong WiFi / cloud network between smartphone and AirPatrol. Infrared is used between air conditioner and AirPatrol.

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*Free shipping

Order today and receive it tomorrow. Usually our customers receive their orders on next working day. Some remote locations may take up to one week to deliver. All our controllers are shipped via secure, traceable express service.

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Adjust room temperature to perfection before arriving home or set up automatic timers. Effortlessly change mode, fan speed and swing of your air conditioner or air-to-air heat pump. AirPatrol WiFi even lets you know when room temperature and humidity drop too low or rise too high.

Compatible with
AirPatrol mobile application
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It’s easy to set up AirPatrol WiFi

Place and plug in AirPatrol WiFi near your AC / heat pump.  
Download the app from Play Store / App Store.
Pair AirPatrol WiFi with your phone and follow the instructions from there.

Bring yours Home

Cut your energy costs and get AirPatrol now!

AirPatrol WiFI AC Controller


    • ON / OFF
    • DRY / COOL / HEAT / AUTO
    • Temperature setting, 10 - 30 °C / 61 - 86 °F
    • Fan speed setting, AUTO / MIN / NORM / MAX
    • Swing mode
    • Low heat mode (Freeze protection)


    • Function mode
    • Fan speed mode
    • Swing mode
    • Desired temperature
    • Current temperature
    • Current humidity
    • Local weather report
    • Connection status
    • Information about controller uptime
    • WiFi network strength
    • Firmware version


    • Low / high room temperature
    • Low / high room humidity
    • Connection status
    • Service time


    • Scheduled events (Calendar based commands)
    • Possible to group different devices in smartphone app
    • Possible to control multiple devices in one smartphone app
    • 4 indication LEDs (Power, Pairing, WiFi, IR)
    • Auto-update (Automatically updates to the latest software)
    • Expandable (Compatible with all AirPatrol extensions)
    • User specific settings, alarms etc. (Unlimited users)
    • Temperature conversion (Celsius / Fahrenheit)

    AirPatrol does not create more functions to your heat pump, availability of all functions and ranges depends on your heat pump.


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