AirPatrol Nordic for Daikin

Smart air conditioner controller. Extra Nordic features.                             Tested in harsh Scandinavian conditions.

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AirPatrol Nordic for Daikin

Makes your Daikin air conditioner smart. No internet connection needed, perfect for more remote locations. Works with both old and new Daikin models.

Effortlessly change temperature, mode and fan speed of your Daikin air conditioner. Send commands via SMS messages or use AirPatrol smartphone app.


Make life comfortable

Instead of driving all the way home to adjust the heat pump you can use AirPatrol to send commands with your mobile phone - either by SMS or by using AirPatrol's free smartphone application. AirPatrol has a smartphone application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 users.

AirPatrol, smart heat pump, smart AC, AirPatrol home wifi, GSM, iPhone, Android, App, low heat

Special edition for Daikin

AirPatrol Nordic for Daikin is a special model made to work with Daikin air conditioners only. It has extra features like setting the temperature range in heat mode between 10 – 30 °C. Additionally it has a specially designed box. AirPatrol Nordic for Daikin is only sold by Daikin resellers.


Get peace of mind

Receive real-time notifications about system status and power failures. You can set custom alarms for high/low room temperature. AirPatrol also reports back to you with status updates about current room temperature and air conditioner mode.


Be a hero and save energy

Consider our environment and use energy wisely. Control your heat pump with AirPatrol.


How it works

AirPatrol Nordic uses wireless channels for communication. Reliable SMS between your mobile phone and AirPatrol. Infrared is used between AirPatrol and heat pump, just like your old remote control.

AirPatrol Videos

AirPatrol Nordic

for Daikin GSM

Control your Daikin air conditioner with mobile phone from anywhere. Adjust room temperature to perfection before arriving home. Receive customized notifications about high and low room temperature. AirPatrol Nordic for Daikin even lets you know when power is out or air conditioner needs service.

Compatible with
AirPatrol mobile application

It’s easy to set up AirPatrol


Buy yourself a SIM card and disable its PIN using your mobile phone. 


Insert the SIM to AirPatrol. Use the power adapter to connect your AirPatrol to a wall outlet.


Find a suitable place for Airpatrol. Use the TEST button to make sure AirPatrol can communicate with your device.


Download the AirPatrol app for your smartphone or see user manual to use it with a regular phone and Enjoyz!

Bring yours Home

Cut your energy costs and get AirPatrol now!

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AirPatrol, smart heat pump, smart AC, AirPatrol home wifi, GSM, iPhone, Android, App, Daikin


    Function setting, DRY / COOL / HEAT / AUTO
    Temperature setting, 10 – 30 °C
    Fan speed setting, AUTO / MIN / NORM / MAX
    +10 function (Low heat)


    Information about the controller uptime,
    GSM network strength
    Version number
    Controller power state
    Network area (roaming / local)


    If room temperature is low (range 1 – 16 °C, default 5 °C)
    If room temperature is high (range 17 – 40 °C, default 30 °C)
    No power (range 1 – 48 hours, default 24h)
    Service time (1 – 360 days, default 180 days)


    Possible to set temperature in heat mode from 10 to 30 °C
    Possible to group different heat pumps in smartphone application
    Possible to control multiple heat pumps in one smartphone application
    Possible to set Owner + 2 users or keep it open for everybody
    3 indication LED (Power, GSM, IR )
    Includes durable Li ion Battery (lasts up to 36h)


    Heat pump function mode
    Fan speed mode
    Desired room temperature
    Current room temperature
    Power status

Works with Daikin air-to-air split-type heat pumps