Mart, 23, Estonia

AirPatrol made my life a lot easier. I can simply turn on the app, adjust the room temperature and when I get home, it’s all there waiting for me! I love it!

Sven-Erik, 46, Sweden

I bought AirPatrol and have been saving about 25€ each month thanks to the reduced electric bill! AirPatrol paid for itself in less than a year. The mobile app is so easy to use.

Truls, 52, Norway

My family and I live in an apartment in Oslo with our cat who doesn’t like heat. During the warm summer days our apartment gets really hot and it’s bad for our cat. AirPatrol sends me a notification whenever the room temperature gets too high. I use AirPatrol’s application to adjust the room temperature and cool down the apartment. When I get home, the room temperature is cool and our cat is happy! Thanks!

 Timo, 26, Finland

AirPatrol is a great product. I have a summer cabin which has an air to air heat pump. With AirPatrol I can control the room temperature very easily. I can send controls to my heat pump wherever, whenever. I believe that AirPatrol has saved a lot of money as I don’t have to keep the cabin heated for the period when I’m away. AirPatrol is really useful when you want to save money on heating costs!

Martin, 32, Estonia, heat pump reseller

For a long time our customers asked for a convenient solution to control heat pump from distance. Now we have a solution for them – AirPatrol. We have been selling AirPatrol for over an year and it has been a very successful co-operation.

Antti, 36, Finland, heat pump seller

Our clients are always worried if their summer cottages are safe and not frozen during cold winters. AirPatrol controllers have been extremely helpful as they give the security our clients ask for. Now we have a full package for heating and controlling.