How AirPatrol GSM controller works

AirPatrol Nordic uses reliable SMS to communicate with your mobile phone and infrared is used to communicate with your heat pump.

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1/4 Easy installation steps

Insert SIM card

Buy yourself a SIM card and disable its PIN using your mobile phone. Use a regular size SIM card, it can be a prepaid or contract based SIM card. Insert the SIM in your AirPatrol GSM.


2/4 Easy installation steps

Plug in power

Use the power adapter to connect your AirPatrol to a wall outlet.


3/4 easy installation steps

Find suitable location

Find a suitable place for Airpatrol. Use the TEST button to make sure AirPatrol can communicate with your device.


4/4 easy installation steps

Download the app and start using

Download the AirPatrol app for your smartphone or see user manual to use it with a regular phone and Enjoy!


Made by professionals

Carefully designed and engineered by skilled professionals. Double sided PCB to fit all components in one compact cover.


Highest quality components

Made out of the best components to ensure high quality. Telit GSM chip.


Subtle, fitting product design

Clean white look, no sacrifices for design. Hidden buttons.


Reliable SMS messages

Receive notifications

AirPatrol GSM will send you SMS notification when temperature drops too low or rises too high. Also when electricity cuts off at your home.


Just click to activate

Low Heat mode

No more worrying about your summer home freezing during cold winter times. Just activate your heat pump low heating mode via APP or SMS.

GSM products

All models already supported

Suitable for all popular brands

We have done all hard work for you. All most popular models are supported just out of the box. No teaching, coding, messing with complicated manuals needed. Just plug in and start using.

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Made in Europe

All AirPatrol products are meticulously engineered and carefully produced in Estonia, exceeding industry quality standards.