AirPatrol Nordic for Daikin

Smart Daikin heat pump controller. Perfect for a summer house or winter cabin. No internet connection required.

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Special edition for Daikin

AirPatrol Nordic for Daikin is a special model made to work with Daikin air-to-air split-type heat pumps only.


It has extra temperature range in Heat mode between 10 – 30 °C + Fan speed options (auto/min/norm/max).
In comparison standard AirPatrol Nordic GSM has for Daikin heat pumps Low Heat 10°C ( fixed to Auto Fan) and Heat mode 18-30°C with Fan speed options (auto/min/norm/max).

Get it from your local Daikin dealer


  • Make life comfortable

    Adjust the room temperature to perfection prior to arrival.

  • Save money

    Intelligent control of your heat pump can reduce energy consumption up to 25%.

  • Convenient notifications

    Receive customised notifications to get some peace of mind.

  • Any phone, anywhere

    Use mobile app or just SMS to send commands to your heat pump.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    AirPatrol we will give you money back within 30 days of purchase.

  • Free worldwide shipping

    All AirPatrol devices are shipped via secure, traceable express service.

Daikin GSM controller

AirPatrol Nordic for Daikin

Makes your Daikin heat pump smart.
No internet connection needed, perfect for more remote locations.
Works with both old and new Daikin models.

It lets you effortlessly change temperature, mode and fan speed of your Daikin heat pump.
Use AirPatrol app or send commands via SMS messages from anywhere.

Thoroughly tested

Tested in Scandinavia

AirPatrol Nordic has been thoroughly tested by Swedish laboratory and granted a special badge – SP tested. This means that the product is suitable for harsh Scandinavian conditions and meets the stated requirements.

Besides Swedish laboratory test AirPatrol controllers were tested by Finnish technology magazine – TM. This resulted with a positive review which ensures the high quality of the product.

Reliable anywhere

How it works

AirPatrol Nordic for Daikin uses wireless channels for communication. Reliable SMS between mobile phone and AirPatrol. Infrared is used between heat pump and AirPatrol.

SMS communication channel is still the most reliable method of sending information. Even if the controller is located on a border area, deep in the woods, behind a lake, it will still operate just as it was next to you.

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