AirPatrol SmartHeat
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AirPatrol SmartHeat Starter Pack

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1 all-in-one ControlUnit
2 standard RoomUnits
1 RoomUnit with infrared floor sensor
+ all necessities for standard installation

AirPatrol SmartHeat


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Creates the smartest heating system

Ideal temperature in each room
Controls up to 10 rooms individually for ideal temperature in every room
Control and overview everywhere
Gives full overview and control via smartphone or web app
Universally fitting
Fits any water based underfloor heating
Up to 30% lower energy bills
Saves up to 30% by optimising heating and electricity use
Perfect timing
Smart schedules and timers for more comfort and added savings
Easy installation
Simple and low costing installation with all necessities for installation included
Any room, any floor
Top comfort in bathrooms and best protection of delicate floors from wireless thermostats with infrared floor sensors
Extreme reliability
Totally reliable heating even when internet connection is lost
Controls other electrical devices
Governs up to 3 electrical devices to remove any unnecessary energy usage
Detailed overview on energy usage
Gathers information from connected heating and energy meters and provides full overview for further savings
Protects your home
Valve protection maintains heating system’s valves and extends system’s longevity. Antifreeze function will notify you when temperatures at home are getting too low

Technical specifications

AirPatrol SmartHeat ControlUnit

Number of heating zones
Up to 10 different zones / RoomUnits
Number of RoomUnit Thermostats
1 – 10
Max number of actuators
1 room = 2 actuators, 10 rooms = 20 actuators
Connection ports for temperature sensors
1x Outside temperature
6x Various temperatures
Actuator type
Normally Open / Normally closed. Selectable from ControlUnit
Valve protection function
1 open/close cycle per 84 hours. Protects valves from rust and clogging
System frost protection mode
System min temperature is 5 °C. Protects pipes and heating system from freezing
Connection ports for relays
3x 6A (3x 1400W @230V). Suitable for any electrical device
Communication ports
1x LAN for internet connection
2x M-Bus for energy meter, heating meter, water meter, etc.
Connection ports for CU power
1x 230V
Connection ports for Actuator valves power
1x 230V
24V with external transformator
Communication channels
Ethernet LAN for internet connection
WiFi 2,4GHZ, b/g/n for internet connection
Radio, 868MHz sub-GHz for RoomUnit connection
Communication tools
RoomUnit – AirPatrol SmartHeat RoomUnit wireless thermostat
SmartPhone application – Android, iOS
Web application – PC, MAC
Protection type, IP class
340x210x48,5mm (LxWxH). L 260mm without antennas
Package dimensions
270x350x120mm (LxWxH)
Package weight
Storage temperature / humidity
-30..+70 °C / 10..95%, non-condensing
Operating temperature / humidity
-30..+50 °C / 10..95%, non-condensing
Product package includes
1x 5m temperature sensor
3x 3m temperature sensor
Bridge cable for actuator power
Power cable
8x cable fixes
4x screws & wall plugs
Sheet of cable marking labels
User manual

Technical specifications

AirPatrol SmartHeat RoomUnit

RoomUnit Thermostat types
2 – Normal / With and without InfraRed floor sensor
Communication channel
Radio, 868MHz sub-GHz
Communication range
Up to 300m in open field / 50m indoors
Power source
3xAAA batteries
Battery life
~2 years
White backlit LED
Temperature sensor -30..80 °C
Humidity sensor 0-100%
Display information
Room temperature
Set-point temperature (5..30 °C)
Outside temperature (-30..80 °C)
Floor temperature (IR sensor) (5..40 °C)
Mode (Normal, ECO, Timer, MIN)
Battery level (4 levels)
Wireless signal (3 levels)
Protection type, IP class
88x88x26mm (LxWxH)
155g (125g without batteries)
Package dimensions
134x122x55mm (LxWxH)
Package weight
Storage temperature / humidity
-30..+70 °C / 10..95%, non-condensing
Operating temperature / humidity
-10..+50 °C / 10..95%, non-condensing
RoomUnit package includes
3x AAA batteries
4x screws & wall plugs
Double-sided tape
User manual