Smart underfloor heating control

AirPatrol SmartHeat ControlUnit is at the center of your underfloor heating.
It has everything you need to have ideal temperature and savings in each individual room.


AirPatrol ControlUnit

ControlUnit is at the center of AirPatrol SmartHeat system.
It can be connected to any water based underfloor heating system’s manifold. It can then begin to control each room’s heating individually, creating ideal temperature throughout your home while helping you save on energy costs.

Wireless control
SmartHeat ControlUnit is connected to internet via LAN and WiFi connection and can easily be operated via smartphone or web application.

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  • Controls up to 10 rooms individually

    AirPatrol SmartHeat can manage up to 10 different heating schedules at once.

  • Fits any water based underfloor heating

    ControlUnit can control either 230V or 24V manifold actuators.

  • Control and overview everywhere

    SmartHeat mobile and web app gives you control wherever you are.

  • Save up to 25% on your home heating

    SmartHeat will find the most optimal way of heating your home.

  • Schedules and timers for perfect timing

    Specific heating schedules help provide top comfort and savings.

  • Guards your heating system and home

    Valve guard, antifreeze function and notifications provide ease of mind.

20 contours

Controls up to 10 rooms

A single ControlUnit is capable of controlling 10 different rooms or 20 contours in total, which makes it perfectly suited even for a colossal home.
With multi-zone control the bedroom can be cool for deeper sleep while the bathroom is warm for more comfort and better health. And so on in every room of your home.

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6 temperature sensors

Smart control with temperature sensors

SmartHeat enables to monitor various temperatures. Just connect temperature sensor to the Control Unit and it will start reading for example heating water temperature, domestic water temperature, outdoor temperature, etc. It is so smart that it even calculates temperature differences for you if needed. Connect up to 6 temperature sensor to measure all the different temperatures plus outdoor temperature.

3 relays

Controls your electrical devices

ControlUnit can be connected to up to three relevant electrical device such as a boiler, circulation pump or an electrical heater. SmartHeat ControlUnit will make sure that no unnecessary electrical waste is made by turning the devices ON or OFF only when needed. You can also switch the connected devices on and of via SmartHeat app.
That will have a significant positive effect on your energy savings.

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M-Bus metering

Total overview of energy usage

SmartHeat ControlUnit can be connected to a heating energy meter and electric energy meter and it’s web or smartphone application will give you a detailed overview of energy usage. This will help you save even more.