Creates the smartest heating system

  • Control up to 10 rooms individually via smartphone, web application and wireless thermostat
  • Save up to 25% on energy bills
  • Turn on/off any electrical device
  • Set and get notifications for each room
  • And much more



Healthiest ambience for a child

Provide the best

Stable room temperature is vital for the health of a child. It is best to keep it around 22 degrees in the daytime and lower it by a degree for the night for better quality of sleep.
SmartHeat allows ideal heating schedules for your child to be set up with a couple of clicks with SmartHeat app.

Pleasantly warm floor every time

For every bathroom

Keep you bathroom floors warm and toasty all night and morning long. The RoomUnit Infrared sensors measures the temperature of the floor itself and not just the room temperature, ensuring a comfortable and warm climate everyday.

Good sleep

Cooler is better

Research shows that the perfect room temperature for sleeping is 18-20 degrees.

With SmartHeat schedules and automation you can make sure your room is perfectly cool at night, while maximizing energy efficiency during the day.

Livingroom temperature

Perfect. Always

Keep your living area climate exactly as you prefer for any time of the day. You can automate SmartHeat schedule to turn down while you are away, and warm up the house for when you get home to spend time with you family.

The brain for a heating system


The ControlUnit is the center of the SmartHeat system. Keep it tucked away secretly in your boiler or heating room and feel confident that it is taking on the task of controlling and optimizing your homes heating and temperature 24 hours a day.

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Technical room overview

Easy install to any water based underfloor heating

1. Connect to internet
ControlUnit is connected to internet via LAN and WiFi connection and can easily be operated via smartphone or web application.

2. Pair RoomUnits
Pairing RoomUnit thermostats can be done with a couple of clicks and radio connection ensures fully functioning system even without internet.

3. Connect to manifold
SmartHeat ControlUnit can control up to 10 actuators (and therefore rooms) individually and it supports both 230V and 24V actuators.

4. Connect temperature sensors
ControlUnit can monitor up to 6 temperature readings + the outside temperature to create biggest savings with maximum comfort.

5. Connect energy meters
Integrating heating and electricity meters via M-Bus connections will allow for a detailed overview of energy usage in SmartHeat app.

6. Connect electrical devices
ControlUnit eliminates unnecessary electrical waste by turning devices such as boilers, heaters or circulation pumps ON/OFF when needed.

SmartHeat All-in-one control UNIT

Controls any water based underfloor heating system

Controls up to 10 zones
Once connected to underfloor heating manifold, SmartHeat ControlUnit will then manage heating in the most economical way to create the desired temperature in each room individually.

Coverns any electrical device
ControlUnit has 3 relay connections that can be set to turn on and off any electrical device. Allowing tHeat ControlUnit manage your electrical boiler or heating circulation pump can make a big positive impact on your energy savings.

Measures all temperatures
ControlUnit can monitor up to 6 temperature readings + the outside temperature to create the most comfortable indoor temperature.

Full overview for maximum energy savings
Up to 3 M-Bus heating and electricity meters can be connected to the ControlUnit to give you the full overview of energy usage to help minimize spendings.

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Smartheat wireless thermostats

Ideal temperature. Any room, any floor.

Plug and play
SmartHeat RoomUnit wireless thermostats come with all included for installation and they can be paired with ControlUnit with a single click on both devices.

With and without infrared floor sensor
RoomUnit thermostat with infrared floor sensor makes sure that your bathroom floor is set to the ideal and that the more demanding floor surfaces are kept safe. The regular wireless thermostat will take care of every other room.

Fantastically easy to use
Clear back-lit display makes checking the readout easy on the eyes. Changing the settings is intuitive and can also be done on a smartphone or web application.

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Smartheat mobile and web app

Control and overview everywhere

Measure and set room temperatures
Measure floor temperatures *
See floor temperature limits *
See battery levels, wireless signal strength
See outside temperature **
See heating modes for each room (MIN, Timer, ECO)
See if heating is active or not
Activate MIN mode by turning setpoint to 5 °C
Measure and see air humidity
Set timers
Set notifications and change triggers
See notifications timeline
Manage users
Manage system parameters
See statistics

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* Requires RoomUnit with IR floor sensor | ** Temperature sensor must be connected to ControlUnit

  • Controls up to
    10 rooms individually

    SmartHeat can manage up to 10 different heating schedules at once.

  • Fits any water based underfloor heating

    ControlUnit can control either 230V or 24V manifold actuators.

  • Control and overview everywhere

    SmartHeat mobile and web app gives you control wherever you are.

  • Save up to 25% on your home heating

    SmartHeat will find the most optimal way of heating your home.

  • Schedules and timers for perfect timing

    Specific heating schedules help provide top comfort and savings.

  • Guards your heating system and home

    Valve guard, antifreeze function and notifications provide ease of mind.