Smartest start to heating smart

All that’s needed to make any water based underfloor heating system the smartest it can be is contained in SmartHeat Starter Pack.



ControlUnit + 3 RoomUnits, easy install as standard

All-in-one smart controller
ControlUnit connects to any water based underfloor heating system’s manifold and allows you to set individual temperatures in up to 10 rooms via SmartHeat app while saving up to 30% on energy bills.
But that’s just the start…

Smart wireless thermostats
Starter Pack has 2 regular RoomUnits and 1 with infrared floor thermostat. These are plug & play devices with intuitive control that can be set up on most walls within a minute after unboxing. Pairing with takes just couple of clicks.

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  • Controls up to 10 rooms individually

    SmartHeat can manage up to 10 different heating schedules at once.

  • Fits any water based underfloor heating

    ControlUnit can control either 230V or 24V manifold actuators.

  • Control and overview everywhere

    SmartHeat mobile and web app gives you control wherever you are.

  • Save up to 25% on your home heating

    SmartHeat will find the most optimal way of heating your home.

  • Schedules and timers for perfect timing

    Specific heating schedules help provide top comfort and savings.

  • Guards your heating system and home

    Valve guard, antifreeze function and notifications provide ease of mind.


Wiring center & gateway with relays, temperature sensors and more

Controls up to 10 zones
Once connected to underfloor heating manifold, SmartHeat ControlUnit will then manage heating in the most economical way to create the desired temperature in each room individually.

Coverns any electrical device
ControlUnit has 3 relay connections that can be set to turn on and off any electrical device. Allowing ControlUnit manage your electrical boiler or heating circulation pump can make a big positive impact on your energy savings.

Measures all temperatures
ControlUnit can monitor up to 6 temperature readings + the outside temperature to create the most comfortable indoor temperature.

Full overview for maximum energy savings
Up to 3 M-Bus heating and electricity meters can be connected to the ControlUnit to give you the full overview of energy usage to help minimize spendings.


Smartheat wireless thermostats

2 regular RoomUnits + 1 RoomUnit with infrared floor sensor

RoomUnit thermostat with infrared floor sensor makes sure that your bathroom floor is set to the ideal and that the more demanding floor surfaces are kept safe. The regular wireless thermostat takes care of every other room.

Plug and play
SmartHeat RoomUnit wireless thermostats come with all included for installation and they can be paired with ControlUnit with a single click on both devices.

Fantastically easy to use
Clear back-lit display makes checking the readout easy on the eyes. Changing the settings is intuitive and can also be done on a smartphone or web application.