AirPatrol SmartSocket

Monitor and control any electrical device in your home via smartphone and optimise your energy usage.

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Save money

AirPatrol SmartSocket has built-in energy meter which gives you precise info about energy usage. Start saving now.


More Comfort

With AirPatrol SmartSocket you can also add scheduled timers so everything is done automatically for you.


Be informed

Receive customisable notifications about daily/monthly consumption, over current and over/under voltage.


Up to 3000 W

Small and powerful

AirPatrol SmartSocket can handle power up to 3000W. This means you can control and monitor almost any device that you have at home.

How it works


AirPatrol WiFi Expansion

AirPatrol SmartSocket only works together with AirPatrol WiFi. Installation takes only a few seconds and you have full control in the same app.

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Simple & Smart

SmartSocket connections

AirPatrol SmartSocket uses wireless channels for communication: strong ZigBee network between AirPatrol WiFi and AirPatrol SmartSocket. AirPatrol SmartSocket creates a mesh network which means that each SmartSocket extends the communication range.

How it works


Built in energy meter

AirPatrol SmartSocket has built-in energy meter which gives you precise info about energy usage. Add your kWh price and you know exactly how much money is spent on specific devices. This enables you to make calculated decisions on energy use and cut costs.

Smartphone application

Smartphone application

Control & overview everywhere

Monitor and control your home electrical devices with smartphone. This means all your home devices can be connected and accessed from wherever you are.

AirPatrol SmartSocket gives you the powers to manage home energy wisely. More control allows you to optimise energy use and save money.

Just open AirPatrol application and monitor your energy consumption in real time. You can also see consumption history for day, week, month and year.

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Made in Europe

All AirPatrol products are meticulously engineered and carefully produced in Estonia, exceeding industry quality standards.