Stay informed

Easily control your heat pump mode and temperature, set schedules for more comfort and bigger savings, view current indoor / outdoor climate and much more.


Control from distance

Set ideal temperature before arriving home

You do not have to go to a home that is unpleasantly cold or warm. Set the heating / cooling on before arriving.

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Significant savings

Save up to 30% with AirPatrol controller

When you leave home or sleep, turning heat pump temperature down will provide significant savings on energy.


Be in the know

Notifications for more peace of mind

Set and receive notifications when temperature or humidity at home is getting too low or too high. Know when it is time to service the heat pump.


Perfect timing

Set schedules for more comfort and bigger savings

You can set 4 schedules for each day to automate your home heating / cooling.



Control multiple devices together

Group together as many controllers as you like and control all your heat pumps / air conditioners with just one click.



All most often used commands in one line

Add all your most often used commands to the favourites bar for more convenient control.



Unlimited users

It is possible to have unlimited users for one AirPatrol WiFi controller. No accounts, just pair up and you are set.



Integrate to smart home

To have full benefits of AirPatrol WiFi connect it to IFTTT and enjoy automated life. Geo location, Alexa and Google Home integration, weather stations, automatic reporting – all this and much more.


Smart applets

AirPatrol always keeps getting smarter

We are regularly releasing smart applets that make getting the most comfort and savings available with a single click. Get them at

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