Creates more comfort and bigger savings

Full control of your heat pump via smartphone app means perfect temperature when you are at home and top savings when you are not.

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universal fit

Simple installation

AirPatrol WiFi can be installed for almost any split-type air-to-air AC / heat pump model. Setting up the controller takes just a few minutes.

Frost protection

Safeguards your home

With AirPatrol Low Heat function it is easy to keep your home from freezing.

Just a click or tap

Extremely easy to use

Smartphone app
See and set room temperature, schedules, notifications, mode, fan speed and much more with just a couple of clicks or taps.

Intuitive wireless system
AirPatrol WiFi connects to your heat pump / AC without wires. It just has to see the indoor unit to send commands.

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Weather report in the app

Outside and indoor weather

Set your home location in the app and it will display weather report for current day and 4 upcoming days.

Now you know indoor temperature and humidity as well as outdoor weather – full overview!

Timer function

Create automatic schedules

AirPatrol WiFi allows you to set up 4 timer commands per each day. So it can do its magic while you are doing things that matter more.

Just create an automatic schedule and enjoy perfect temperature.

Significant savings

Up to 30% lighter bills

Optimal heating settings
When you have set desired room temperature, AirPatrol WiFi sends the command to your heat pump without you being at home.

Connect Your Smart Home
You can also get free smart applets for maximum savings settings with your AirPatrol WiFi at

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Professionally crafted to perfection

High quality

AirPatrol WiFi is carefully designed and engineered from best materials by skilled professionals in Europe. It is small and sleek outside, yet powerful inside.

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SmartSockets controls electrical devices

Save more

AirPatrol SmartSocket is the best partner fo AirPatrol WiFi. Connect high energy usage devices such as boilers or electrical radiators and save significantly.

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